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87% of preschool-aged children (ages 3-5) exceed the AAP's recommended screen time limit of one hour per day.

Our Mission? 

At Motor Labs, our mission is all about turbocharging kids with the skills they need to rock at learning and mastering new things!

Here at Motor Labs, we're firm believers that every moment spent on motor and sensory integration is like giving the central nervous system a super boost! It's all about gearing up for academic success by fine-tuning those essential skills. Let's get those engines revving and ready for action!

57% of preschoolers don't get enough exercise.

What are playdates?

Get ready to dive into the fun with your kiddos! Enriching the play experience by jumping in with your child not only creates unforgettable memories but also boosts language skills and reinforces concepts learned during playtime. Offering your support in areas like communication, behavior, and confidence sets the stage for solid social and emotional growth. For playdates, parent or caregiver participation is a must! 

Ready for your play date?

Continue the FUN at home!

Motor Labs boxes are intended to help you and your child establish a solid learning foundation.
All through play! Research shows that children who have well developed motor skills are better able to learn.


Preschoolers who did activities like dancing or playing games had much better language skills and scored 30% higher on literacy tests than less active kids.


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