What is Motor Labs Box?

Motor Labs boxes are intended to help you and your child establish a solid learning foundation. Research shows that children who have well developed motor skills are better able to learn.

Motor Labs boxes are a collection of curated toys that will provide hours of playtime and develop your child’s brain. These brain boosting activities will promote the development of executive function, cognition, social skills and academic abilities through fun, agility-based exercises.

Our aim is to provide you brain building activities
that will give your child an edge.

Why subscribe to our box?


The pandemic has changed the daily life in many ways, but it has not paused child development. With less time at school and playgrounds, the youngest children are missing important developmental and educational milestones.


Less physical and less interaction time with family. This lack of movement has become a trend during the pandemic and so had weight gain. Let's get moving and learning!

Motor Labs Boxes helps your child

- Increase physical activity
- Spend less time on the screen
- Engage with all family members, yes even grandma!
​ - Learn through play