Motor Labs Playdates 

Mighty Minnows: 3-year-olds

3-year-olds are at a stage of rapid development, marked by increasing independence, curiosity, and social interaction. 

*Parent/Caregiver Participation required

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Mini Marvels: 4-year-olds

4-year-olds are developing rapidly across all domains. They are curious, energetic, and increasingly independent, with growing social skills and a strong desire to learn and explore their world. 

*Parent/Caregiver Participation required

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Mini Scholars: 5-year-olds 

5-year-olds are becoming more independent, socially aware, and academically ready. They are energetic, curious, and increasingly capable of managing their emotions and interacting with others. 

*Parent/Caregiver Participation required

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Little Einstein's: 3–5-year-olds

A little bit of everything for all age groups in one place.

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Less Sitting, More Moving!


Public Playdates

$27 per playdate

1 Playdate at designated
location, day and time

What does it include?

-1 Obstacle course 
-1 S.T.E.A.M. activity or
- 1 Water Activity

*Check schedules below

Private Playdates

$30 per playdate

Gather your squad of awesome moms, friends, nannies, and caregivers for some serious fun in your own backyard!
Minimum of *4

Host a series of playdates 1-2 times a week with us.

What does it include?

- 1 Obstacle course 
-1 S.T.E.A.M. or
- 1 Water Play

*To book your date please email [email protected]


information coming soon! 

Let's us help your party be a memorable one!

Motor Labs Box 

Motor Labs boxes offer a comprehensive approach to developing essential motor skills, which in turn supports your child’s overall learning and development. By integrating obstacle courses and other dynamic activities, you can create a stimulating environment that encourages physical movement and enhances your child’s ability to learn and thrive.


Community Events (FREE)

Must Register to save your spot. Limited Space. 

June 15, 2024

Modera Douglass Station Miami @ 11 am

April 28, 2024

Frankie Shannon Rolle Community Resource Center @ 12:30 pm

 2024 Public Playdates - Coming Soon